Happy ever after party

Services Included:

• Sancara Experience

• Party Props 

• Venue Illumination

Below, you will find all information about the package, and all services included.


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Sancara Experience

Crafted with Passion, Presented with Pride.

We use a curated equipment setup for an impressive display and quick, hassle-free installations across all of our packages.

Get the party started with our Sancara Setup that offers an unparalleled ambiance. Your venue won’t just be a space; it’ll transform into a mesmerizing scene with our customized lighting. Every corner will sparkle, setting the right mood for the evening.

Party Props

Turn Heads, Make Memories.

Add a splash of fun to your wedding day with our Party Props. With a range of colourful props, from neon hats to LED foam sticks, your guests are sure to find something they love. It’s not just about the props; it’s a ticket to laughter, dancing and a great atmosphere.

Venue Illumination

Lights That Elevate.

Light up your venue with an ambiance unlike any other, our Venue Illumination transforms the room into an unforgettable setting. Through the strategic placement of ten uplighters, we set the scene for an unforgettable celebration. But our lights do more than just glow; they transition, they dance, they set the mood. Whether it’s the intimate ambiance of a slow dance or the electrifying energy of a party anthem, our lighting adjusts, creating an experience that resonates. Let every moment shine as we illuminate your path to forever.


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What's Included:

LED light sticks / Neon Hats & Glasses / Glow sticks / Hula Necklaces / Inflatables, Novelty Party Glasses, and Inflatable picture frames.


Our service includes a wide range of items to make your event a fun and memorable experience.


You will receive an assortment of different items, such as vibrant and fun props including multi-coloured neon hats, large glasses, and glow sticks. Additionally, we offer an array of other vibrantly coloured accessories, such as large LED foam sticks, which are perfect for creating a festive and exciting atmosphere. These foam sticks can be used to add some extra fun to your dance floor or to create a unique and exciting entrance for the bride and groom. With these items, you and your guests can enjoy an entertaining and playful atmosphere that is sure to make your event a hit.

How it works:

Our ‘Party Props’ is a great addition to any wedding or event because it adds an extra element of excitement and entertainment for your guests. With a variety of vibrant and fun accessories, including LED light sticks, Neon hats & Glasses, Glow sticks, Hula Necklaces, Inflatables, Novelty Party Glasses, and Inflatable picture frames. Your guests will be able to let loose, have some fun on the dance floor and not to mention get some great pics along the way!


What sets our service apart is the addition of large LED foam sticks, which are perfect for creating a fantastic & fun experience for your guests. These foam sticks can be used to add some extra pizzazz to your first dance as a newlywed couple or to create an exciting entrance as you make your way to the dance floor.


Our team will work to encourage the party and get your guests engaged throughout the night, building the atmosphere of fun and liveliness that will keep your guests entertained and energised. By handing out glow sticks and hosting events throughout the night, we’ll create an engaging atmosphere that will keep everyone on the dance floor all night long.


Overall, our fun service is a fantastic way to add some extra excitement to your event and create unforgettable memories for you and your guests. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your wedding or event truly memorable with our fun service!


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What's Included:

10 strategically placed uplighters throughout your venue.


Prepare to be captivated by a mesmerising display of light and enchantment with our exclusive Spectacular Venue Illumination. This extraordinary offering will transform your wedding venue into a breathtaking spectacle that will leave your guests in awe. Get ready to embark on a journey where every corner of the room radiates with vibrant colours and an atmosphere of pure magic, creating unforgettable memories that will be cherished forever.


Set the Stage for Splendour: Our service is designed to set the stage for an unforgettable event, infusing your venue with a captivating ambience that will make it truly come alive. As your guests enter, they will be greeted by a sight that will take their breath away. The carefully crafted lighting design will adorn the back walls, creating a stunning colour scheme that leaves a lasting impression on everyone present. Prepare for a collective gasp as your guests are immersed in a world of beauty and elegance, making your wedding truly extraordinary.


Awe-Inspiring Dance Floor Magic: As the evening unfolds, the magic and sparkle continue to evolve, cantering around the heart of the celebration – the dance floor. Our skilled team will work their enchantment, seamlessly transitioning the decorative lighting around the room to create an immersive experience throughout the venue and dance floor. Imagine stepping onto a dance floor that radiates energy, pulsating with vibrant lights all around it, that respond to the rhythm of the music. Your guests will be irresistibly drawn to the contagious energy, igniting a dance party like no other. Brace yourselves for an elevated celebration where every beat is accentuated by a mesmerising light show.


Energise the Atmosphere: Our carefully orchestrated light display will breathe life into your entire wedding celebration. The once serene and elegant venue will be transformed into a vibrant, energetic space where laughter, joy, and celebration thrive. As the night progresses, the atmosphere will ignite with the contagious energy of the party. Your guests will find themselves immersed in an unforgettable experience, moving and grooving to the beat of the music, while the entire room pulses with excitement. This is more than just lighting; it’s a catalyst that fuels the spirit of the party, ensuring that your wedding is an event that will be talked about for years to come.


With our Spectacular Venue Illumination, you have the power to create a visual spectacle that will leave your guests in awe. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your wedding celebration to new heights, where every corner of the venue tells a story of enchantment and wonder. Let our team of experts weave their magic, setting the stage for a truly unforgettable experience. Together, let us create a night filled with dazzling lights, joyful laughter, and everlasting memories. It’s time to illuminate your love story in a way that will leave a lasting impression on the hearts of all who are present.

How it works:

Our service includes ten uplighters strategically placed around your venue before your arrival. These uplighters will beautifully illuminate the room throughout your evening, following a colour scheme of your choice. As the night unfolds and the party kicks off, these uplighters seamlessly transition from ambient lighting to becoming an integral part of the dance floor. They will sync with the music, creating a dynamic lighting experience that enhances the energy and excitement of your celebration.


Add something extra special to your day by selecting one or more of our additional services to make your wedding day truly unique.