Sparkle Spectacular

Whats Included:

Professional on-stage vertical sparklers / hand-held sparklers for guests.


Experience the Magic: Prepare to be swept away by the enchantment of our exclusive Sparkling Moments package. As you embark on your special night, surrounded by the warmth of your loved ones, imagine the sheer joy of dancing in a world illuminated by professional vertical sparklers and hand-held sparklers. It’s a scene straight out of a fairy-tale, where every step is filled with sparkle and every moment radiates with pure magic.


Unforgettable Entrance: Picture the scene unfolding before your eyes as you make your grand entrance. The doors swing open, and you walk down a path lined with your closest friends and family, their faces beaming with love and excitement. They wave the sparklers in the air, casting a mesmerizing glow that illuminates your path. As you make your way towards the dance floor, the air becomes electric with anticipation. To add an extra touch of spectacle, our state-of-the-art cold spark machines shoot sparks high into the air, creating a dazzling display that sets the stage for an unforgettable evening.


Capturing Forever Memories: In the midst of this magical atmosphere, your photographer captures the most incredible snapshots of your entrance. The combination of sparklers, cold sparks, and the radiant smiles of your loved ones creates a visual masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of your love and celebration. These photographs will forever remind you of the joy, beauty, and excitement that filled the air on your special day.


Dancing Amidst the Sparkles: As you and your partner step onto the dance floor for your first dance, you are still surrounded by the lingering embers of the sparklers, casting a soft and ethereal glow. The twinkle of the sparkles creates a breathtaking backdrop, enhancing the intimacy and romance of the moment. Every turn, every embrace is elevated by the sparkling ambience, making this dance an experience that will be etched in your hearts forever.


With our Sparkling Moments package, you have the opportunity to transform your wedding into a magical celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime. From the captivating entrance to the ethereal dance floor, every aspect is carefully crafted to create an atmosphere of pure enchantment. Let the sparklers ignite the passion, joy, and love in your hearts, as you dance under the shimmering canopy of sparkles. Don’t just dream of a magical night, make it a reality with our Sparkling Moments package and create a love story that shines brighter than the stars.

How it works:

Leave the logistics to us: With our Sparkling Moments package, we take pride in handling all the intricate details, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. From the moment you entrust us with your vision, we embark on a meticulous journey to orchestrate the perfect event.


Our team will work closely with you to understand your desires and preferences. We will coordinate with your friends and family, guiding them into position and providing them with professional-grade sparklers. As you prepare to make your grand entrance, the air will be filled with anticipation and excitement. Picture the magical moment as you open the doors, greeted by a breathtaking scene of your loved ones, sparkling sparklers in hand, creating a luminous pathway for you.


Behind the scenes, our skilled professionals will ensure that everything is meticulously prepared. From the precise timing of sparkler lighting to the coordination of cold spark machines, we will create a symphony of sparks that surrounds you in a mesmerizing display. The photographer will capture every awe-inspiring moment, immortalizing your stunning entrance and the enchanting atmosphere forever.


Relax and immerse yourself in the magic as we take care of every detail. Your dream night will unfold effortlessly, leaving you and your guests to revel in the special ambience that you have created together. Let us orchestrate the logistics, while you savour the extraordinary experience and embrace the sparkling memories that will last a lifetime.