Confetti Celebration

Whats Included:

Vertical smokes & Professional mounted confetti cannons & confetti for guests: 3 colour options; Entrance / First Dance / Special song (of your choice)



With our “Confetti Moonlight Package” you are not just hosting an event; you are creating an extraordinary experience. Let the confetti-filled moments of joy, awe, and togetherness become the highlight of your wedding, forever etching your love story in the hearts of everyone present. Embrace the magic and make your wedding an unforgettable celebration of love.


Grand Entrance Fit for Stars: Imagine stepping into the room with all your loved ones lined up on each side, eagerly awaiting your arrival. As you walk towards the dance floor, surrounded by cheers and applause, a cascade of confetti showers down from above. The atmosphere is electric, and you feel like celebrities in your very own fairy tale.


Enchanting First Dance: Your first dance as a married couple is a moment to cherish forever. At your chosen point in the song, as you and your partner sway together, we will ignite cannons filled with confetti, creating a magical explosion of colour and joy. The scene is simply mesmerizing, and the photographer captures the awe on the faces of your guests, who will forever remember the enchantment they witnessed.


Unforgettable Finale: For the final song or any other special moment of your choice, we will raise the energy levels to unprecedented heights. Our skilled DJ will hype up the crowd, creating an atmosphere of pure exhilaration. When the beat drops, the big jets will erupt, engulfing the entire dance floor in a dazzling sea of confetti. You and your guests will dance the night away, immersed in a moment that will be etched in their memories forever.

How it works:

For this package, we will meticulously organize every aspect down to the finest detail. From every special moment to ensuring that every guest is lined up and ready to go on time, nothing will be left to chance. We will coordinate the special moments and have everything perfectly prepared and managed by our team, leaving you with no worries. Your only task will be to savour the moment alongside your family and friends. Each element will be flawlessly choreographed, from the carefully selected music to the precise locations chosen for each special event. Rest assured, we will handle everything while you bask in the awe and admiration of your loved ones, who will be captivated by the breathtaking scenes of your beautiful and elegant wedding.